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mercoledì 9 ottobre 2013


Le Web Cam sono dappertutto,sono occhi sul quotidiano pubblico di noi tutti,milioni e milioni di occhi,violano il "privato" tuttavia non tutto quello che vedono puo essere riproposto in tv,li chiamano "shockumentary", "mondo cane" direi io.
Qui sotto in un unico video diretto e montato da Joe Francis (i titoli degli estratti qui sotto in inglese) tutta la raccolta o compilation uscita nel 1998,ha un merito,nella nostra epoca,nel nostro tempo la violenza non è più segreta,non potrà più esistere misteriosa come nel recente passato dell'Europa.
Il video smaschera una certa ipocrisia di fondo,sono ammessi e incentivati certi sport,certe manifestazioni agonistiche,il possesso delle armi, mà non i rischi,le conseguenze mortali sulla vita umana.

The movie was directed by Joe Francis – the same guy who did Girls Gone Wild. Here’s roughly what you will find in Banned from TV:

Armed convenience store robberies (50% of workplace deaths, according to the movie happens in convenience stores – high risk job)
Death while shooting a movie in Argentina (car runs over camera crew)
Violent ejection from car during car races in Buenos Aires (driver survives)
Deadly sky diving accident in Bogota, Colombia
Texas rangers shooting a suspect who fought them
Mardi Gras Tits Flashing for Beads (not graphic, but still Banned from TV)
Spring Break Tits Flashing (likewise – not graphic, but still Banned from TV due to nudity)
Extreme skiing accident in Colorado
Motorcyclist crushed to death by police cruiser after high speed crash
Deadly high speed chase with brutal spins
Hostage situation which is incorrectly credited to Bogota, Colombia (it happened in Venezuela, hostage taker’s name was Hector Duarte – props to Best Gore community for getting that right)
Bank robbery hostage situation from Mexico (also resolved with a precise albeit dangerous headshot from a police sniper)
Highrise fire in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Police wrestling a disturbed man in Oklahoma City
Miami police kill a Cuban man with a machete
Epic bicycle faceplant with disturbing breathing
Motorcycle daredevil misses landing ramp in Nevada and plants it hard into the pavement, killing himself
Thai man attempts suicide by shooting himself in the neck at Bangkok stock exchange
Robber shooting clerk out of frustration because not enough money was in the till
Domestic confrontation with deadly shooting in Cincinnati, Ohio
Traffic patrolman hit by a car during routine traffic stop
Big black guy attacking a patrolman and fleeing
Woman sets pitbull on an animal control officer
Horse tramples a pram with an infant in it
Accidents During Bareback horse racing with sharp turns
Man jumps off radio tower in Phoenix, Arizona
Firefighter rescuing a woman in Indianapolis slips form the ladder and falls
Motorcycle stunt rider falls to his death in Miami, Florida
Hot air balloon blown into power lines
High speed motorcycle pursuit in Los Angeles, California with a t-bone into a bus
High speed pursuit in Newark, New Jersey with a crash and hit of a pedestrian
High speed pursuit in Florida with screeching overturn
Night time high speed pursuit in Salt Lake City, Utah filmed with IR cameras – K9 engages the suspect after an attempt to flee on foot
Man threatens to kill his father in Charlotte, North Carolina, walks up on SWAT
Assassination of Mexican president Luis Donaldo Colosio in Tijuana
Clashes between rebels in Monrovia, Liberia with savage beating of an opponent
Man with a knife takes child hostage in Rio de Janeiro (gets shot in the face)
Terry Rossland sets himself on fire in Butte, Montana (survived with severe burns, but committed suicide one year later)
Protesters hurl firebombs at laborers in Seoul, South Korea
Standoff with the police growing violent in San Salvador, El Salvador (includes footage of fleeing hostage getting shot in the gut at close range)
Lawn mower thief chased by the police gets obliterated by crossing semi truck
Burglary suspect pursuit in Carlsbad, California – pant less man with shotgun gunned down
Running of the bulls in Madrid, Spain with the bull getting some revenge
Shark attack off the coast of Chile – screaming bitch gets her leg taken off
Elephant on a rampage in Honolulu, Hawaii (irritating cameraman) – narrator says the execution of the elephant was necessary. What a tool. Leave the animal where it belongs, in the wild and this won’t happen
Strip club in Palm Shores, Florida rubbing coochies on customers (no gore, but Banned on TV) – normal in Thailand
Cop in Las Vegas, Nevada trades leniency for sexual favors – caught on hidden camera
Booty Shaking in Georgia leads to public indecency charges – you’ll see 8 years old do that every day in Latin American countries
On stage fucking during a concert
Fans bring down light tower during the Deep Purple concert in Santiago, Chile
Cameraman mowed down by a rally car in Canberra, NSW, Australia
Paramedic taken out by a rally car in Daytona
Public execution of two convicted rapists in Grozny, Chechnya
Police shoot fleeing robbers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil executing one
Albuquerque, New Mexico air balloon festival disaster
Two Russian thugs caught brutalizing a businessman for extortion money
Gang warfare in a pool hall in El Monte, California – twinky gook gets beaten and shot dead by twinky gooks
State execution of two men accused of kidnapping, raping and killing a woman in Guatemala
Extrajudicial lynching and burning of a man accused of rape in San Vicente, Mexico
Traingirl video from Downers Grove, Illinois (incorrectly narrated to be from Champaigne)

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