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mercoledì 18 maggio 2011


" Yara the Yogini..."
Tecnica di esecuzione nello stile Manga: Photoshop,grafite,acquarello 
This is a project created for the enchanted doll contest. The contest called for creating a new character or costume to fit into the existing enchanted doll line of porcelain BJD dolls. 

I have used a combination of photography, photoshop, graphite and watercolour painting to create Yara, my vision of an enchanted doll. The end result is a collage using my barbie pivotal doll  and shooting her in the costumes i designed. the henna and body art is done digitally.
My inspiration for Yara, comes from the myth of the yogini. The meaning of the word yogini is 'The enchanted one'. 
Created by the Hindu goddess Durga, the yoginis role on earth was to battle the forces of evil. With time they started devoting their lives in the pursuit of spiritual knowledge, mystical insight and teaching.
Yara is the daughter of one of the original yoginis. Born to follow her mother’s footsteps, she has a natural disposition to learn. She has a tendency to question and is torn between teachings vs learning…taught to fight evil, but learned that some things perceived as evil aren’t necessarily true. Conflicted, she has started finding her own way, and with every passing battle and hard lesson learned, she gets closer to unlocking her kundalini. The kundalini (represented by a snake) is a latent, instinctive force and the final step to attaining the highest level of learning…and becoming Yara the enchanted…

  • Head neck and face ornaments
  • Spear and waist ornaments
  • The Crown
  • Body Tatoo (serpent) 
  • Body tatoo back (serpent coiled around spine representing the kundalini)
  • Henna details
  • Doll artwork (water colour)

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