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martedì 10 agosto 2010

Boris Smirnov,Arte in Siberia disegni,carboncini e pittura


Back in 1904 young painter Boris Smirnov was sent by prisoner transport to Siberia; and his path went along the Great Siberian Tract. On his way he was making sketches of settlers and locals of this distant region, as well as of their way of life and Siberian landscape and eventually lining up a whole series of drawings and water-colour paintings.
‘Dukhobor’ prisoner.
Krasnoyarsk’s babushka.
Porch above the Irtysh in Omsk.
Some girl in a Mordovian suit.
Bashkir village.
Civil servant of Irkutsk regional court.
Settlers’ children.
Witchdoctor from the Siberian village of Novoabdulino.
Old bell chamber.
Janitor in the streets of Irkutsk.
Christmas-tree in some rich family house.
Christmas-tree in a hospital.
Firry taiga in Irkutsk region.
Irkutsk woman of fashion.
Irkutsk noblewomen, friends since they were at college.
Hut in Ural.
Explorers of then-unexplored lands.
Krasnoyarsk tradeswoman.
Krasnoyarsk Cossack.
Krasnoyarsk tradesman.
Some other tradespeople.
Moonlight night.
Monk that is trying to gather some money to build a church in Irkutsk.
Bridge cross the Irkut river.
On the Baikal shore.
At the dacha.
Prison train-car drives some criminals to Siberian woods.
Omsk. Solicitor
Easter Sunday and lots of snow; Irkutsk.
Beautiful Siberian forest.
Some settlers.
Train in Ural mountains, near the city of Zlatoust.
Nobleman, Irkutsk.
Fire in taiga woods, Krasnoyarsk region.
Ice-holes on the Irkut river.

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